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Consent Form


  1. I acknowledge that by availing myself of the services provided by Nail Care, I am expressly agreeing not to request a refund from Nail Care after receiving the services. This includes instances where I have changed my mind or am dissatisfied with the results of the nail, lash, eyebrow, manicure, or pedicure services. Recognising the time invested by Nail Care in delivering these services, I believe in their ongoing support.
  2. I understand the importance of refraining from pulling on my applied eyelashes and acknowledge the potential risk of allergic reactions, inherent to all cosmetic products. Furthermore, I am aware that once the service is provided, it is non-refundable. In the event of any issues, I commit to notifying the salon for assistance or consulting a medical professional.
  3. I affirm that I have been given the option of a patch test for my treatments. Even if a patch test was not offered, I choose to proceed with the treatments and assume full responsibility for any consequences.
  4. Recognising my responsibility for the care of my hands and nails, I understand that I cannot compel Nail Care to redo or refund any services if I choose to pull, peel, or accidentally damage my nails.
  5. I acknowledge that information about treatment reactions and sensitivities has been provided through informational leaflets or by the salon's technicians. I accept the potential risks, including swelling, irritation, and redness.
  6. In the event of any adverse reactions, I agree to return to the salon for professional product removal and not attempt removal on my own. If symptoms persist, seeking medical attention is my responsibility.
  7. I expressly absolve the technician/salon from any responsibility in the case of reactions, including those listed above or any other unforeseen reactions.
  8. By scheduling an appointment with Nail Care, I automatically grant consent for nail and treatment services for myself and my children under 18 years old.
  9. I understand the obligation to inform Nail Care about any medical conditions, mental health concerns, diabetes, fungal infections, allergies, bruises, or any other relevant issues before the commencement of services.
  10. Acknowledging that extending my natural nails significantly beyond their bed length may impact their structural integrity, I understand the potential consequences, such as breakage, peeling, and lifting. In such cases, I absolve Nail technicians and the Salon of any responsibility.
  11. I affirm that I am in good overall health and mental clarity to comprehend the contents of this disclaimer.